Here is the file of apex legends mobile,Download it from here-

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Here is the file of apex legends mobile,Download it from here-

Finally Apex legends mobile is here

Apex Legends is a free to play first person shooter,developed by respawn published by Electronic arts.Apex legends is one of the trending games in the battle royal genre.

We’ve seen that pubg mobile is no more in India,still you can play it there are many ways but..updating it every time is a difficult task.Apex legends mobile is a good news for gaming enthusiasts.

Till now it is only  available on playstation,PS4 pro xbox one,xbox one x and  PC  both the newer generations consoles can run this game through backward compatibility,but now it is available for mobile too.

Apex legends mobile release date in india-

The game is in closed beta stage right now you can register from the link below

Apex legends mobile beta signup

Soon we’re going to enjoy apex legends mobile.

Apex legends mobile requirements for android

All you need is a latest smartphone with some good ram and processor

If your device has a higher refresh rate then your experience will be super smooth.

Some users are getting device compatibility issues. We’ve seen most compatibility issues in exynos devices while registering beta,soon it will be fixed.

Apex legends mobile size of the game-

It is likely to be around 1.34gb.It will get monthly updates and bug fixes.

Right now It does not support cross play between mobile and console(xbox,playstation,nintendo switch) and pc though it supports crossplay between both consoles and pc.

Apex legends mobile doesn’t promote any paid features that affect game play.

Here is the file of apex legends mobile,Download it from here

The studio behind apex legends game respawn has started a new studio in vancouver its main priority is developing apex legends mobile.

There is a separate team working on apex legends mobile stay tuned for more updates.

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