How to block emails on icloud USA 2021

How to block emails on icloud 2022

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Is your iCloud inbox spammed with unwanted emails?Alright, here is the solution for it.If you are searching for a method to block emails on iCloud then you are at the right page.This article is about how to block emails on icloud.

Icloud is a backup service from apple which allows you to store your data and is also associated with apple id.

We get thousands of mails every day. Some of them are important and others are spammy,so you can’t delete them one by one by checking them, instead you can identify the mail id or address and can block them.

How to block emails on icloud?

You can block emails on icloud,here is the best way to do it.

To block emails on icloud you need to login to icloud on your mac or desktop,as you can’t  do this through the mail app on your iphone.

There is an inbox called Rule in icloud you can block emails and move them to trash with this method.

Steps to block emails on icloud-

 Login to icloud on your desktop or mac

Open  mail

Click on settings(@bottom of left on mail screen)

Now open “Rules”

Click on add rule

There is a section named “if a message” and choose “is from” section and add the email address that you want to block

After adding email click on “Then” section and select move to trash and now click done.Make sure to click at done at bottom of  the settings too

That’s all you’ll no longer receive emails from that is.All the emails get moved into trash.


Now you can block emails on icloud easily  using this method.So use this method and block all the spam emails and make your inbox clean.

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