Iphone 12 full review(India) is it worth upgrading to a new iphone this year??

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Update for IPhone12. I think it looks good. And the front-facing camera and rear camera are great. We’ll talk more about those little ones, but let’s first talk about what it’s like to use now. Like I said, the first thing I noticed was how easy it was. The iPhone 12 pro is made of stainless steel and glass while the iPhone 12 is aluminum and glass. There is a weight difference between the two. I enjoy the matte finish on the outer band of the iPhone 12, although I would like to have a matte finish on the back too, because this is a magnetic field as a result, I was using the case, although I don’t usually use cases too much, but I used this clear case. There’s no tone I’m going to talk about, but I love it and it handles well, and this phone feels good on the hands. I really missed the design of the iPhone 5 and 5S and iPhone 4. So this kind of combination of both because you have glass on the front and back, but also has an aluminum frame or outer edge, which is a combination of both those phones. Sounds good. In your hand, I think it’s harder to get rid of, than the previous version, the iPhone 11 with curved edges. And I’ve never been someone who likes those curved edges. I just liked the better square design. And I’ve been waiting for it as that’s very true and you don’t like or dislike that, but you’ll see that the back is completely covered with fingers. However, this year, the display is covered with a ceramic shield. So it is less likely that you will break up when you leave. However, I’ve already got a scratch on this phone and I don’t know how you can actually feel it if your toun is your finger on it. So the phone is not prone to cracking actually, but has the same type of resistance at first. It’s glass. So unless they switch to something like Sapphire, you won’t get a scratch resistance, actually, but it seems to hold up well. Although I’m not going to say, put a screen protector on it. There were fewer scratches this time than my iPhone 11.


The iPhone 12 display is really good. It has beautiful viewing angles. It rises to 625 light levels. That’s one of the problems compared to the iPhone 12 pro, where that rises to 800. However, most people will not see this without it. It’s as bright as the iPhone 11, for example. So if you use the iPhone 11, you will have the same kind of light outside. Now, the display looks good, with very deep blacks. As you can see here, those pixels are closed and bright and look good. It is also controlled using PWM. The light is controlled, illuminating the display to do so. Too many, almost all OLEDs are controlled. And then the screen is always flickering, or you can’t see it with your eyes, as you magnify the light, it flashes as you bring it down. No, and this causes eye problems for most people. One in 10 is actually affected and I am affected, but this phone I do not have a small eye where there is a difference of 11 pro even those before, the iPhone 10 and 10 SI could not really use it because it hurt so much my eyes. They fix it mostly with iPhone 11 and 11 pro max, or 11 pro and 11 pro max. But the iPhone 12 I had zero problems. So this display should be at the highest level of PWM so as not to disturb your eyes. I know it’s still a concern, but for the most part I’ve had, I’ve had zero problems with this show. I am very happy about it that way.


All in all, this is an A14 bionic CPU with four gigs of Ram. And I know some people say, why don’t you have six, as an expert. And honestly, I still haven’t found what you needed. t. Everything is beautiful and smooth. I had a slow movement of zero. I have never seen any issues here. The fastest and most smooth change of everything has gone into settings. I have never found lockups, freezes or the like. So I don’t think four gigs of Ram is a big deal. Now, probably because there are only four gigs of Ram compared to six professional ones. Maybe that is the reason  we only get 30frames per second of HDR video. So when we get into the recorded video, you can see HDR only allows up to 30 frames per second under this notification here. So maybe that’s why you need those two gig of Ram as a buffer. I’m not sure, though, it seems to be just too fast in general. And most of the time you wouldn’t use 60 frames per second, unless you were recording slowly. So it is not a big problem for anyone unless you want that fast frame rate of screen recording or video recording or something when you want to show the speed of the display. Other than that, it’s good. Now with the iPhone 12 series, we have a Qualcomm 5g modem with 5g. Now Qualcomm modem alone leads to better connectivity. I have not yet found a place where I do not have the resource .. And most of the world does not find the waves of millimeters .. And hopefully we see it in many places, but it is a place to look more. And I don’t think that’s a big deal for many. I think the sub six is ​​where it matters most .. It only depends on where you live. That’s right. Now, one thing you should know is that you are using 5g and you are using a dual SIM, so using a SIM card with a SIM card, you cannot use it simultaneously and use 5g. You have to work on one, then use 5g, and then use both. For some reason, you can’t do that on an iPhone 12 or 12 pro. So it’s just something you can identify. And that leads me to battery life because the phone switches between 5g and 4g 5g using more power than 4g. And the phone will intelligently understand when 5g is profitable and turn it off. People who tested this did not find any significant difference using 4g compared to 5g,

Battery-Now I find myself spending every six to six and a half hours.Battery life is pretty decent on this iphone.


Cameras are incredible as we know iphone cameras are worlds greatest cameras 

There will be a detailed review of camera on our blog

Well post it soon…


Overall iphone 12 is a great upgrade.you can upgrade to this new iphone this time.

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