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Gaming world is emerging day to day and new technologies are enhancing the performance of the games and making gamers enthusiastic.

Apart from pc and gaming consoles,gaming on smartphones is too on a lead. We’ve seen several gaming phones like Asus rog phone-3 and games like pubg,call of duty which are leading smartphone games.

Apex Legends is free to play first person shooter,developed by respawn published by Electronic arts.Apex legends is one of the trending games in the battle royal genre.
This game is available on playstation,xbox and PC,but not for a mobile phone(i.e android or IOS).many rumors stating that soon we’ll be able to play apex legends on our smartphones.If this game comes to mobile it’ll be trending again.
As of now apex legends only supports on 4th gen playstation and xbox one,PC(origin).This fall apex is coming to nintendo switch and they gonna introduce crossplay.
You can still play apex on your mobile.
This article is about  how to play apex legends on your mobile either android or IOS
To do this all you need is a playstation4.
High speed internet.
smartphone running on latest android or ios versions.
  • First we need to install a playstation remote play app from play store or app store.It is available on both android and ios.

  • Then open the app and connect it to your playstation-4 
  • It’ll take some time to connect to your playstation.

  • That’s all,after connecting your phone you can play apex legends on your mobile.


If you have a high speed internet your game doesn’t lag anymore.
Make sure that your smartphone should be on android 10.
In this new update you can play any playstation game wherever you are.
One of my friend shown all the steps and procedure on his channel i’ll link it below-
There will be live gaming on his channelTECHINTIME.

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