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-we all know that IOS is the industry leading operating system from apple.Ios is one of the great  innovations from apple and people buy the iphone for its performance,camera, design and the software updates that apple provides even for a five year old iphone.
This year wwdc is an online only event hosted by apple on 22nd june.
Every year wwdc is an enthusiasm for apple fans,but this year apple hosted an online only event.
WWDC 2020-
In wwdc2020(worldwide developers conference) apple announced ios 14, ipados 14 ,watchos 7 and the game changing macos big sur.
Let’s get in to the ios 14 review 
There are lots of customizations added in ios 14,let’s take a look

Finally widgets on the home screen in ios and we can add them anywhere and change the size accordingly,but you cannot add a widget in the middle of the screen,it should be either on left side or right.
There are lots of widgets on ios but we still need some from third party apps.
You can add widgets through smart stack and also remove unwanted widgets.
Widgets of the same size can be placed on each other through a smart stack and can be scrolled and conveniently view all widgets in the same place.

App library-

Apple added the app library finally to ios14 and you can access all the apps at a glance in one place and the apps that you don’t use much can be removed from the home screen and they appear in the app library.
Apps in app library arrange according to category and new suggestions appear.

Compact UI-
In previous versions of ios i.e ios 13 or older there are lots of things that unnecessarily interrupt whole screen like phone call siri etc..
In ios 14 compact ui these don’t interrupt the whole screen just a drop down notification appears as in android and siri doesn’t take the whole screen this time,it appears on the bottom of screen and shows our results at the top.

Picture in picture
PIP i.e picture in  picture it is widely used feature that supports entire ios 14 now and when you are watching a movie or a video,if you swipe up the video shrinks down and appears in a small window and the size of the player can be adjusted.

There are lots of new features added and i’ll list them below

  • Emoji search added in keyboard.
  • There is a new translate app which supports utmost 12 languages and new customisations were added to it

  • Default browser and email apps can be changed
  • App clips-which are useful when  apps that are not installed on our phone but we need its little use or purpose.
Accessibility settings-
Now you can add a double tap gesture on ios 14 which is also rumored as an upcoming shortcut for google assistant in android.
There are 2 gestures: one is double tap and triple tap-you can add anything from that bunch either launching a camera or siri etc..
Another feature that added to accessibility is recognition of important sounds by mics in phones,those may be doorbells or car sounds or fire alarms.

More memoji customizations added now you can also add face coverings to memoji.

A new indication on top of screen when an app uses microphone it shows orange dot and if an app uses camera it shows green dot.

List of all  iphones getting IOS 14 this fall-
Iphone 11 pro
Iphone 11 pro max
Iphone Xs
Iphone Xs max
Iphone XR
Iphone x
Iphone 8
Iphone 8 plus
Iphone  7
Iphone  7 plus
Iphone 6s
Iphone 6s plus
Iphone SE(1st gen)
Iphone SE(2nd gen)
Ipod touch (7th gen)

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