Download Latest Google camera 8.4.6 on your android smartphone 2022

Google camera 8.4.3 download geekanalyst

Latest google camera 8.4.6 apk download and settings details in this article.Google camera is dedicated to pixel smartphones only.Google pixel camera is one of the world’s best smartphone cameras.You can install google camera 8.4.6 on your android smartphone,details below Google camera 8.4.6 download You can install google camera 8.4.6 on your smartphone but there are … Read more

Best gcam for Motorola G40 Fusion

gcam for motorola g40 fusion geekanalyst

Gcam for motorola g40 fusion will be available in this article.Motorola launched its g40 fusion in April,2021.It is available to buy on Flipkart. Gcam takes smartphone cameras to the next level. Camera2Api of Motorola G40 Fusion Motorola G40 fusion has level 3 camera2api,so almost every google camera feature will work on it. Gcam For Motorola … Read more

Latest Gcam 8.4 from pixel 6 and 6 pro Download October 2021

gcam 8.4 from pixel 6 and 6 pro download -geekanalyst

Gcam 8.4 is here, download it and enjoy pixel 6 camera on your smartphones.If you are looking for gcam 8.4 then you’ve landed on the right page.This article is about the latest gcam 8.4. Google camera 8.4 from pixel 6 and 6 pro Download Pixel 6 and 6 pro are launched ,these next gen pixel … Read more

This gcam(8.3) from pixel 6 pro is amazing,Download now

gcam 8.3 based on pixel 6 and 6 pro

Google introduced pixel 6 and 6 pro recently.The camera of pixel 6 ad 6 pro is going to be the best pixel camera ever,as it has been in making for many years.The tensor along side optimizes the camera and image processing.You can use pixel 6 pro gcam on your device,this article is about gcam 8.3 … Read more

Gcam:Best gcam for Oneplus Nord CE(5G)

Best gcam for Oneplus Nord CE(5G)

On June 16 2021 Oneplus nord CE(5G) went live for sale.This second guy of the nord series is a decent choice to grab.This article is about the best gcam for Oneplus Nord CE(5G). Every smartphone user needs a great camera to capture their wonderful memories.I use gcam to capture stunning photos,gcam is dedicated to pixel … Read more

P-Z-D: GCam8.2_Pit-Zo-Def_mod_v1.apk

[ad_1] By P-Z-D. Download: Settings: Changelog: [ Source. ] This version might contain work from Arnova8G2 and BSG. GCam 8.2 with lots of settings, for more advanced users. Configs are saved in the /ConfigsSettings8.2/ directory. Some configs come with the app, go to Settings > Config > “Restore Configs” if they’re not available after installing. … Read more

Wichaya: GCam_8.1.101_Wichaya_V1.0.apk

[ad_1] By Wichaya. Download: Changelog: Initial version. Based on GCam 8.1.101 from scratch. Note: If having issues with 3rd party galleries, use Google Photos for now. – Added AUX support with adjustable number of aux buttons– Added manual set camera ID, Google ID (Thanks Arnova8G2), button AUX name and camera array– Added Sabre option with … Read more

MWP: Gcam_8.2.204_V1_MWP.apk

[ad_1] By MWP. Download: Changelog: [ For Pixel Only. Source. ] Based on: 8.2.204 from Arnova8G2Tested on: Pixel 2/XL, Pixel 3/XL, Pixel 4/XL, Pixel 5 Mod features: 1. HDR style (HDR Models):Use HDR processing from other pixel devices. Each of selected devices has a different: AWB, Noise model, Edge detection and bokeh effect in portrait … Read more

tigr: trCamera_Spring_Release

[ad_1] By tigr. Download: Same as above, but with Libs: “libs2 = libs version but with improved default lib for better quality”: Settings: Changelog: [ Source. ] Based on GCam 7.4 from Nikita. New telegram channel: @trCameraCloud. !! Clean App data after installing to avoid issues !! – Added antibanding option– Added OIS option for … Read more