Pixel 4a Battery draining Issue Fixed 2022

Pixel 4a Battery draining Issue Fixed 2022

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Pixel 4a Battery draining issue fixed,full details in this article.Pixel 4a amazing smartphone from google,still best deal to buy in 2022.It has got an excellent camera we are all aware of regarding google’s computational photography magic.It is the only pixel officially available in India,pixel 6a on its way to launch in India in the month of may,okay let’s get in to the battery draining issue of Pixel 4a

Note-Pixel uses adaptive learning,so it learns how you use the phone and provides a battery based on the app usage.Just dont judge the pixel battery backup soon after the day you started using it,give it some time like a week and then analyze your screen time and average battery backup.Everyone complained about the pixel 6 and 6pro battery too but it has improved a lot after a week,because the phone learns based on your usage.

Pixel 4a Battery Draining issue

After android 12 update pixel 4a has got a bunch of bugs one of which is battery draining issue.No one got an average of 4hrs screen on time,later with security update everything got fixed.

Fix-Pixel 4a Battery draining issue

Pixel 4a Battery draining Issue Fixed 2022

Now with january 2022 update the same thing happened again,this update messed up the battery but after a week it came back to normal.I think my adaptive battery learning got cleared up with the update and with the week usage pixel’s adaptive battery learned the usage and everything back to normal,now im getting 

-7hrs screen on time with 15-20% battery left at the end of  day.

Tip-I’m using Always on display,Now playing and connected to wifi all the day,if you are not the user of these you can get more battery backup.I always use adaptive charging for longterm battery health.

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