Finally Android 11 is here for Oneplus 6 and 6T

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Android 11 is here for oneplus 6 and 6T.Both the devices are running on oxygen os 10.3.6 currently.They haven’t received official oxygen os 11 update it  may get delayed,But you can enjoy android 11 on oneplus 6 and 6t through Lineage os 18.1(thanks to developers).

To install lineage os all you need is-

  • Your device bootloader should be unlocked
  • Custom recovery or you can use lineage os recovery for this installation.
  • A pc or laptop with adb drivers installed.

Disclaimer-The process provided here is safe but improper installation or following wrong commands may brick your devices,So do it at your own risk we are not responsible for that

Unlock bootloader of oneplus 6/6T

  • Open developers options in settings and enable usb debugging and OEM unlock(if present)
  • Boot into fastboot mode-To do it power off your oneplus6/6T and volume up+volume down+power.Thats all you’ll boot into fastboot mode.
  • Now connect your device to laptop or pc and open command prompt in adb folder.
  • Now type following commands-
  •  fastboot devices
  •  fastboot oem unlock
  • Your device reboots automatically if not reboot it manually
  • Now your device loses all data, setup your device and enable usb debugging again.

Lineage os recovery-Oneplus 6/6T-

  1. Boot into fastboot mode and connect to pc
  2. Open cmd in adb folder and type following commands
  3. fastboot devices
  4. fastboot flash boot <recovery filename>.img
  5. Now you’ll boot into recovery.

Now follow these steps before installation to prevent issues with slot a and b

  • Boot into lineage os recovery and select apply update from ADB
  • Download copy partition zip and place it in adb folder
  • Now sideload with-adb sideload <copy partition filename>.zip
  • Tap advanced and reboot to recovery

Installing Lineage os on oneplus 6/6T through lineage os recovery

  1. Download lineage os file and gapps,place it in adb folder
  2. Now boot into lineage os recovery
  3. Tap factory reset and format data
  4. Now back to main menu and select apply update from adb
  5. Then follow these commands-
  6. adb sideload <lineage os  filename>.zip
  7. after successful installation of lineage os reboot to recovery because you need to flash gapps as they are not included in lineage os
  8. On lineage os recovery select apply update from adb 
  9. Follow these command-
  10. adb sideload < gapps filename>.zip
  11. After successful installation reboot to system.

You’ll get all android 11 features with this lineage os 18.1 and with very low customization options.

There are some bugs,they’ll be definitely fixed with next updates.

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