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Best gcam for Motorola G40 Fusion

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Gcam for motorola g40 fusion will be available in this article.Motorola launched its g40 fusion in April,2021.It is available to buy on Flipkart.

Gcam takes smartphone cameras to the next level.

Camera2Api of Motorola G40 Fusion

Motorola G40 fusion has level 3 camera2api,so almost every google camera feature will work on it.

Gcam For Motorola G40 Fusion

Motorola g40 fusion has got a triple camera setup.64mp+8mp+2mp.

Motorola camera hardware will be decent but image quality will be not much impressive and those perfect camera hardware will perform well when you add google camera magic to it. You can download and install the latest gcam on motorola g40 fusion.

Download latest gcam for Motorola g40 fusion

Version 8.1 Stable-

version 8.3 from pixel 6(beta)

Working features

Every feature is working and it is completely stable.

How to Install Gcam on Motorola G40 Fusion

  • Download the latest gcam from the link provided in this article
  • Enable install from unknown sources in the settings
  • Tap on downloaded gcam file and choose install
  • Install the gcam 
  • Provide necessary camera,microphone and storage permissions.
  • Enable advanced settings,HDR+,video stabilization.

Best settings for gcam on Motorola g40 fusion

  • Enable advanced settings
  • Enable use third party gallery
  • Use instantaneous HDR
  • Enable HDR+ control
  • Use HDR+ for daylight shots
  • HDR+ enhanced for Portraits,moving objects and pets
  • Enable astrophotography time lapse
  • Enable video stabilization 
  • Set stabilization to standard
  • use  cinematic pan for the best experience


Download gcam for motorola g40 fusion from the link provided in this article and enjoy google pixel camera experience on your smartphone.

Use the settings recommended for best experience.

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