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By tigr.


Same as above, but with Libs:

“libs2 = libs version but with improved default lib for better quality”:



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Based on GCam 7.4 from Nikita.

New telegram channel: @trCameraCloud.

!! Clean App data after installing to avoid issues !!

– Added antibanding option
– Added OIS option for photos
– Fixed wrong addresses in libpatcher (Thanks AndreyZo)
– Disabled compression for RAW images
– Fixed front camera for Redmi Note 5 (may also work on other devices)
– Fixed bug with gray shutter button
– Fixed astrophotography mode
– Added new interface styles
– Fixed ISO/Shutter menu, now if sliders are enabled then values will work only with them, and ISO/ Shutter menu will automatically turn off, if sliders are disabled then it will work again
– Added an option to customize your photo name to change the prefix to make it unique
– Added option to select interface theme
– Fixed 64MP binning for Redmi Note 8 Pro
– Added high resolution option for portrait mode
– Added an option for snapshots in motion, if it crashes, turn on the option to preview OpenGL
– Added new noise models
– Added new AWBs
– Added input model option, now you can select your phone model manually if the camera did not pick up the settings (if your phone is not in the list, it is recommended to select isDefaultsLite)
– Fixed autofocus circle and improved focusing algorithm
– Added Redmi Note 10 series in support
– Added option to change 1/8 second for astrophotography
– Fixed focus tracking
– Fixed poor photo quality on some devices
– Added support for Realme X50 wide-angle front camera
– Graphics optimization, cleaning resources from garbage
– All blue text in the settings is colored orange
– Updated binary libraries

Special thanks to Leonardo Estacio, Wichaya, Abhi Shake for their help.

Thanks to my testers.




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