Best gcam for oneplus 9,9pro and 9R


Oneplus launched its 9 series phones with a great camera hardware update i.e collaborating with hasselblad.Oneplus 9 series devices are launched with hasselblad cameras.But this is an hardware upgrade the quality of the photos are not that impressive. Hardware doesn’t decide the quality of the image.From many years pixel smartphones are the best camera smartphones.Computational … Read more

the_dise: DMGC_8.2.204_ver.5.0.apk

[ad_1] By the_dise. Download: DMGC_8.2.204_ver.5.0.apk ( All versions from the_dise » Changelog: [ Source. ] Based on GCam 8.2.204. – First release;– Removed OTA Updates. Bugs:– Time-lapse with large zoom;– Crash Slow Mo 1/8x. This version was tested on Xiaomi Mi A2 (Android 11). [ad_2] Source link

burial: GCam_7.3_Burial_release_beta_16.apk

[ad_1] By burial. Download: GCam_7.3_Burial_release_beta_16.apk All versions from burial » Settings: Configs for Burial 7.3 beta 9.2+ Changelog: [ Via Google Translate. Source. ] Beta 16 (2021-04-04): New patcher settings; Sport mode; Some changes in the Lib Dems on the white balance sheet; Small fixes; Please don’t re-upload to bad sites. Support: – Yandex Money: … Read more

MWP: MWP_v12.2_FINAL_Stable.apk

[ad_1] By MWP. Download: Changelog: [ Source. ] MWP V12.2 FINAL_STABLE ============================Based from Google Camera 8.1.101 by Arnova8G2 and BSGCompatible with : Pixel 2, Pixel 3’s, Pixel 4’s Stock Features ===========================1. Astrophotography2. Auto NS3. Focus tracking4. HDR enhanced for Portrait5. Video Stabilization menu6. Super res zoom7. Dual exposure slider (for supported pixel devices) Advanced Features===========================1. … Read more