Pixel 6a Launching in India on 11th may 2022

Pixel 6a Launching in India on 11th may 2022

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Pixel 6a is launching in India on 11th may 2022 details below.Google pixel smartphones are just amazing,pixel on hands will make you feel enthusiastic.Google pixel exclusive features are really amazing and the camera performance is next level.Pixel 6 and 6 pro haven’t launched in India.Indian pixel fans really get disappointed as google is not launching their flagships in India,we may expect launch of pixel 7 in India,but for now there is a good news,Pixel 6a is launching in India,more details below.

Google Pixel 6a is Launching in India on 11th may 2022

A series pixels are budget category from google.Pixel 3a and 4a are best sellers in India,so google is showing more interest in launching their budget pixels in India rather than Flagship ones,Any way we are getting a new pixel in India that’s enough for pixel enthusiasts in India,because pixel 4a is the only one available in India and its been 2 years we haven’t seen pixel 5a in India due to 5g issues and googles product marketing strategy.

Recently pixel 6a retail box surfaced online and it clearly states that the launch will happen soon,we are close to google IO 2022,So the pixel 6a will launch during Google IO 2022,As pixel 3a launched in Google Io 2019.Pixel 4a got delayed due to pandemic but this time 6a will launch during Google IO 2022 i.e on 11th may 2022.

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