Google pixel safety app can now record video automatically during emergency

Google pixel safety app can now record video automatically during emergency

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Personal safety app in google pixel smartphones is just amazing.It detects car crashes and automatically dials 911.It saves emergency information like health info,emergency contacts and saves lives.

Personal safety app also provides emergency alerts and even shares your live location to emergency contacts during emergencies.

Pixel smartphones get automatic emergency video recording feature.

Pixel smartphones are known for their best camera and clean software with pixel exclusive features.Personal safety app is exclusive to google pixel smartphones.

Google is now rolling out a new feature to personal safety app on google pixel smartphones i.e safety app can automatically record video during emergency.This feature can be found in settings of personal safety app.

To activate this feature, users need to press the pixel’s power button 5 times.You’ll have 5 seconds to deactivate the feature after pressing SOS,after 5 seconds  video recording starts.

This feature enables upto 45 mins of video recording after activating it.

Average video size is 10mb per minute.

It is important to have enough storage for this feature to work.

The recorded video automatically backed up to the google account provided in the safety app.

You can also share the video to your emergency contacts.

During emergency video recording the viewfinder gets minimized and you’ll see a notification icon that indicates the video recording.

Thanks to XDA developers and Android police for spotting this feature.

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