Android 12 Source code on October 4,2021

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Next gen android version is very close to the official roll out.Android 12 has completed its final beta release and official rollout happens soon.

Google will publish the android 12 source code on october 4,2021.

Source code for Android 12 on October 4,2021

As android is an open source project google makes its source code public.OEM’s releases this next gen android version based on their timeline.OEM’s with custom UI adds required features and releases updates and those who provide stock android like motorola just adds little stuff and releases final updates,But still major OEMs stuck in providing stable android 11 updates.

Right after android 12 source code releases pixel smartphones get updates.Users who are on android 12 beta are enjoying the latest stuff.

Android 12 Source code on October 4,2021

According to the above update google may release android 12 source code on october 4,2021.There are lots of details in the document regarding GMS approval expiration dates,security patch support dates, approval window and more..

So finally android 12 is arriving.Even custom rom developers are ready to port the rom for their devices.


Google will release source code for android 12 on October 4,2021.

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