Reason behind the outage of Whatsapp,Facebook and Instagram 

Instagram,Whatsapp and Facebook down globally

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Top social media platforms Whatsapp,Facebook and Instagram are down globally.Major social media is inactive for a few hours.

Many users are facing issues with their whatsapp,facebook and instagram.

Reason behind the outage of Whatsapp,Facebook and Instagram 

All these three social media platforms are owned by facebook and services run on shared infrastructure.

The reason behind these platforms went down  may be because of DNS error,many cloud servers face this issue.

Majority of people complained on their smartphones or the internet until the issue went viral.

Few hours ago whatsapp and instagram tweeted regarding the issue.

More than 8,50,000 tweets on whatsapp,as it became an essential communication service with more than 530 million users in India,whereas Facebook has more than 410 million and Instagram with 210 million users in India.

The issue may resolve soon,as they are working on it.

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