Magisk gonna drop support for magisk hide and end of magisk repo

Magisk gonna drop support for magisk hide i.e hiding root access from apps

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John Wu the developer of magisk had recently announced his joining in google.Rooting the smartphone has become easy with magisk,one can root smartphone without pc or laptop with help of magisk.The era of systemless rooting evolved with magisk,thanks to john wu for developing magisk.As he joined google people worried that magisk gonna continue or will stop?

He has provided some answers in his blog post regarding the future of magisk and changes that are going to happen in the magisk world.

Magisk dropping support for hiding root access(magisk hide) from apps

Magisk hide is such an amazing feature that allows us to hide root access from apps.Rooting a smartphone is something that phone companies don’t allow and even some apps too, magisk hide helps to hide root access from that apps.

Some banking apps don’t allow rooting,so if you hide root access they cannot detect that your device is rooted.John Wu stated that support for magisk hide is no more and he also stated that some infrastructure of magisk hide remains.

John Wu explains regarding magisk hide-

Users will be able to assign a denylist of processes where Magisk denies further modifications and reverts all changes it had done. Magisk will not spoof/alter/manipulate any non-Magisk related signals or traces to circumvent any device state detection. As a side bonus, having an easy way to revert changes also enables quick development iteration on emulators without the need to reboot or patch emulator images (see scripts/

End of Magisk Repo

Magisk repo allows you to install magisk modules right away from the magisk app.Some magisk modules listed in magisk repo we can download and install directly.Updates,changelogs and more info regarding the magisk modules are listed.

Magisk repo is gonna end soon,all the modules are moved to Github.

Magisk allows modules via zip format,users should download module zip files and flash them via magisk.

Zygisk is another  project in development,lets see what is zygisk in John Wu words-

Zygisk is Magisk in Zygote. This will run parts of Magisk in the zygote process to make Magisk modules even more powerful. This is also a very important part of the philosophy of Magisk “getting out of the way”. When a process is on the aforementioned denylist, Magisk will clean up the memory space of the process to ensure no modding is applied (P.S.1). Zygisk is still WIP, and more details will come once the implementation is ready for beta testing.


Support for magisk hide is ending soon and magisk repo is ending too.

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