Google Pixel 6 series will launch on October 19,2021-Official launch date

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After months of rumours and leaks it is official now i.e Google pixel series are going to launch on october 19,2021.Pixel 6 series is major upgrade this time.Here are details of the official launch event of pixel six series.

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Google Pixel 6 series Will launch on October 19,2021

Pixel 6 and 6 pro are going to launch on October 19.All the wait is over and just 14 days away to the new pixel lineup.

Google has already revealed some specs of their next gen pixel lineup.Google may reveal some wonders of the Tensor chip.

We are also waiting for pixel 6 camera wonders.As per the sources there are some magical features in google camera this time.

Few hours ago Google tweeted regarding the launch of Pixel 6 series


Finally it’s official that pixel 6 series will launch on October 19,2021.

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