Now receive money from US to India through google pay

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Google pay has pushed an update i.e now you can receive money from US to India through google pay.Google made a partnership with western union and wise for this update.

Many Indians work in the US and send their money to their parents as support. To do this they need to deposit money in the bank and the recipient should go to the bank and withdraw that money.

There are only a few banks that support this system,nowadays many banks support this but it is not as easy as UPI transactions.Google pay and other upi payments made our transactions easy and simple.

Google pay has made this easy now by pushing an update.

Receive money from US to India through google pay-

Google pay users in the US can now send money to India and singapore.

Thanks to google for introducing this feature.Soon this feature is going to launch in 200 more countries.

We from India cannot send money to US i think this update may release soon.

Process of sending money-


Users in the US can send money directly to Users in India.The process is same but here a doubt arises for every user-

What about the transfer fee and Exchange rate?

The transfer fee and exchange rate will display while sending money.The receiver gets full  money into his account,Here charges are for sender not for receiver.So while transfer sender should enter exact amount thenn while transaction transfer fee will be added and debited from sender’s account.

There is a launch offer from google i.e transfers through western union are free and in case of wise transfer transfer fee for the first transaction is free with a limit of 500 dollars.

Receiving money from the US is now easy through google pay in India.

 As of now the update is only for India and singapore.

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