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Sneak peek of google pixel 6 and 6 pro

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Search giant announced their next gen pixel devices yesterday.

Google introduced the pixel 6 and 6 pro ahead of launch.

It posted an update stating “it’s time for a sneak peek”.Launched first look of pixel 6 and 6 pro.

They look very glossy and with a huge rectangular camera bump it looks different.

Tensor chip-

Google started its own silicon to introduce their custom made chipsets for their devices.We’ve seen apple,huawei and samsung before with their own chipsets.

Google pixels are known for their unique features and best camera.

Pixels used to have Google’s custom made visual core and neural core for image processing,but with pixel 5 they discontinued the visual core and neural core.

Now with the tensor chip all the tasks of the neural core,visual core and processor are  in the same chip.

Google pixel smartphones used qualcomm processors like other android flagship devices,but this time with tensor the entire pixel lineup gets improved a lot in terms of performance,battery life, camera and software support.

Next gen computational photography with tensor chip

google pixel 6 and 6 pro geekanalyst
Image credit-Google

Pixel smartphones are the best camera smartphones in the world.By using computational photography pixels produce stunning images.

Video quality was not that great before but with tensor there are more features to be unlocked.Videos are going to be next level in pixels from now on.

The stabilization,HDR+,night sight and astrophotography are going to hit better improvements.

The both pixel 6 and 6 pro will launch this fall.They might launch in India.

Performance in pixel 6 and 6 pro with tensor chip

Using qualcomm or other processors in smartphones will limit some features and software support cannot be extended.

With custom chips we’ve seen many wonders,if we take iphones they are best at performance,camera optimizations,software support all these are possible because of apple silicon.M1 macs got more than 20hrs of battery life and next gen performance because intel and other chipsets limit all these.Now with tensor chip we can expect better performance and battery life.Both pixel 6 and 6 pro run on android 12.

Google may extend software support to these devices.

Battery life in pixel 6 and 6 pro with tensor chip

Battery optimization in smartphones plays a major role because even if you place higher mAh batteries on smartphones a bad software may ruin the battery backup.

Software optimizes battery a lot.Now with tensor chip we can expect longer  battery backup in pixel 6 and 6 pro.

Camera improvements

Google camera is the world’s best camera app.Pixels made wonders with a single camera sensor for many years,now pixel may feature the latest sensor and 6 pro may feature higher telephoto lens.

HDR,portraits,video,nightsight may improve a lot.


Google pixel 6 and 6 pro with tensor chip launch this fall.

We can expect next-gen improvements in camera,performance and battery life.let’s wait for the launch.

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