Motorola one fusion plus proximity sensor not working.

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Motorola one fusion plus  is a midrange smartphone from motorola.

It has got an all way full screen display with a pop up style camera design.

Powered with 6gb ram and snapdragon 730G processor,running on android 10.

It is a decent phone to buy in can check out full review,best gcam for motorola one fusion plus on our blog.

Proximity sensor error-

I’ve noticed that proximity sensors are not at all working on Motorola one fusion plus.

While calling the screen goes off and unable to access the call

Sometimes the screen stays on while calling and causes accidental touches,this leads to switching on flashlight,do not disturb mode.

Hardware test failed-

On every motorola device hardware test is available in device help app

To perform hardware test-

  • Goto device help app
  • Then tap device diagnosis
  • Goto hardware test and select proximity sensor test.(you can perform all hardware tests there).

I’ve performed a hardware test and it failed,try it for your device once.Even i visited the authorised service center near me they don’t even tried anything just said to reset the device once or asked to handover the device to them they’ll do the same thing.

Proximity sensor location-

It is placed on top right of the device just after ear piece,actually proximity sensor should be on left side but it depends on the device manufacturer

It is used to detect nearby objects,it is of different types.

Many users reported in lenovo forum but motorola doesn’t responded to this as the device error

When user shared his query they are replying with some instructions

Change the screen guard or calibrate it with some apps and reset the device.

At Least experts in forum should update the issue with motorola and it will try to fix it with an update or if it a hardware error then we can’t do anything

Either we can use an app.

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