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 The next generation of gaming console era is here………

After a long wait for the reveal of both of the consoles.

Finally, we got a glimpse of what the next gen console was offering.

Boi oh boi those specs are just insane.both of these console specs are absolute monstrosity.

But the real question is which one are you going to buy…

It’s started new console war PlayStation 5 vs xbox series x 

Both sony and microsoft unveiled their design and specs to the world in their showcase. They even started taking the preorders. 

One thing they didn’t reveal is indian pricing of their next gen console.. well let’s wait for that.

Let’s talk about the design 

The PlayStation 5 console  has this  futuristic design that kinda looks like an alien spaceship. 

Xbox series x is like a pc tower. After the unveiling of series x they revealed a most affordable console series s.

Coming to specifications..

  1. Both of these console ps5 and series x supports native 4k upto 120hz 

They can play even at 8k

Ps5 is powered  is powered with AMD zen-2 8 core processor

GPU-RDNA-2 ,16gb GDDR6 vram with 10.3 teraflops

These consoles are coming with a solid state state drive (ssd)  which makes  a lot of difference in loading times. Sony is offering a custom made ssd 825gb 

Series x having nvme 1 tb ssd.

Series x is powered with AMD zen-2 8 core processor 


Series x is packed with humongous 16gb GDDR6 vram with 12 teraflops

Looking at the specs we can’t deny the fact that series x is a bit more powerful than ps5.

In the showcase of playstation 5 sony introduced its new controller dual sense

It is coming with new adaptive features sony did explained its features but we still don’t know how adaptive triggers work let’s wait for our hands on. 

PlayStation 5 digital edition doesn’t not comes with a Blu-ray drive. Everything the same 

Xbox series s is the most affordable console it won’t run games @2160p but it can run 1440p at 120hz coming to its price it’s the best deal we can get on a next gen console

In the end, Everyone has their own preferences.

Happy gaming 

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