Gcam 8.0 download for motorola one power,best gcam ever

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Gcam 8.0 is here finally,it is ported from pixel 5.Stable version is not yet released it just crossed alpha stage,but you can download and use it on your motorola one power.

Stable version will be released soon. We’ll update the link here.

What are the new features available-

Dual exposure control is available

All new customised UI

Automatic night sight

Portrait night sight

New stabilisation modes -locked,cinematic pan and active.

Audio zoom is added

Gcam 8.0 download for moto one power-


HDR+ and dual exposure-

You don’t see manual HDR+ control in this build,instantaneous HDR is added.it automatically shoots HDR+ and HDR+ enhanced based on  the subject and lighting.

Dual exposure is working well and you can shoot amazing photos by adjusting the lighting and shadows.


Colors look natural and detailing is awesome.

Final image of the gcam looks stunning. What we see in viewfinder is not the result,after processing the actual image loads.

Dual exposure adjusted
normal HDR+

If you capture a tree you can count every leaf that is the magic of gcam.

Portrait mode and nightsight portrait-


Portrait mode is working well.Edge detection and detailing is the same as version 7,but some portraits  look warm.

You can’t shoot HDR+ enhanced for portraits; it eventually shifts based on subject moment and lighting conditions.

You can enable manual HDR but you need to change your input device and HDR device to pixel 4 or 3.but you lose all pixel 5 features.

Nightsight portraits-


This is an amazing feature,gcam is best in shooting night sight photography

This time they added night sight to the portrait too.

We can’t shoot portraits in dark environments and even though light is available edge detection fails sometime,so shooting portraits in dark environments is easy now.


It is working well, but to shoot night sight portraits in this version of gcam you need to change your input device and HDR device to pixel 5.

With gcam 8.1 older pixels have got all these new features.

We need to wait for a stable build.

Night sight-

Night sight is working well.detailing has got improved.Normal camera mode turns into night sight when it is dark.


Colors look natural.


Astrophotography does not work on motorola one power,maybe because of its processor.

We need to check after a stable build release.

This time google added astrophotography instructions.


There are no changes; it is the same as version 7.


You can shoot 4k video@30 and 60fps.

Time Lapse and slow motion are added to video mode


Slow Motion doesn’t work the same as version 7.

This time we’ve got new stabilisation modes

  • Active
  • Locked
  • Cinematic pan

Presently in this build these modes are not working,In stable they will definitely work.

We’ll update the working here after a stable build release.

Photosphere and panorama remain the same.

stable gcam of version 7.3 is avalaible on our blog

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