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Apple launched 4 iphones this year.so here is the review of iphone 12 pro.

Check out the iphone 12 review too.

Iphone 12 pro design-

A design that I really like I’m glad they went back to the square edges but that makes this phone feel great and everyone I’ve shown you say the same thing they wonder if even ‘I used 11 pro when they chose this they wonder how big it looks when the edges are square it makes it easy to hold but very large actually very big i can stay with iphone 12 pro this year now there are advantages to this phone so we will talk about the short ones but its size is longer than 11 pro max and it weighs less and when you use the case it makes it much more bigger is easier to catch though because of those double twins I think it looks and sounds like a big premium and then it has this new blue color and this is graphite and it has gold and silver so I think it looks good this phone is back to style these are for iphone 4 and sometimes i’ve been looking for years so i’m glad they did now.


 Cameras in this phone 12 pro are really big actually the main camera is 1.6 open which gives you a shallow field depth and think of many photos you don’t even need portrait mode.so I think that’s a good feature of this Camera which means that the sensor itself is actually in a flat instead of the type of lens floating around and this we see on the big no-camera cameras I’m used to using gh5 and a7s3 from sony all have sensor shift or ibis durability and what it does is puts that feels flat and then when you go around the type of centers itself trying to give you stable drawings now in my tracking test looks good but i don’t see any improvement with -iphone 12 is now probably because they have a bigger sensor and a bigger lens so it was better to do a sensor system instead of a tightening lens but no matter how stable it looks I don’t know if it is a big advantage over the 12 pro for example they look exactly the same and have night mode for that kind of difference using a processor but you have a lidar or laser autofocus basically on the back of the phone that helps you focus better at night for better depth and is not only good for things like hearing depth here but also the unpopular reality for taxpayers that we now see This is a wide range of standard telephoto this year and you get a more caterpillar telephoto er camera with 2.5 optical zoom and up to 12x zoom zoom in digital sensor and zoom so it looks good compared to 12 pro gets extra length still kind of blur but at 2.5 is very good and I think it works well and then you have a stand-up mode for all and night mode for them and night mode drawings now with really amazing cameras and I think we will see even more with the green apple pro coming out and ios 14.3 looks like that so we should see that in the future there will be a lot of data from a 12 bit data or 12 bit depth and it should be really fun to see what we can do that in the hope that in a month or more we will see that update.


The new a14 bionic on this iphone 12 pro with a new neural engine in it to help even more with those computer graphics and other functions and has six gig rams on this phone so it’s fast very always there is no drop and it is actually just fun you can expect from iphone so no compromise here if you want the best to get the best with a big ram they are very fast and will be updated for years to come maybe at least five years as we see with all other iPhones from years past now.


 the 12 pro max display is 6.7 inches it has a very high pixel oled pixel and has good viewing angles it rises to 800 nits of light so it looks easy when it is sunny and rises to 1200 numbers if ud sleep hdr content has very bright colors deep black and uses pwm so for those of you who have a problem that the screen blinks which means that the screen always blinks to control the light without too high brightness so the screen blinks you can’t see this with your eyes but stand alone 240 per second slow-mo you can see that they are flashing and this can bother some people and cause headaches however the 12 call list as they all have the same oled panels i don’t have this problem i don’t have a sore gum no headaches caused to show but this can bother some people now and here we have a shield ceramic which makes the phone less prone to breakage if dropped so the glass is a little stronger but you will still get scratches on it like any other glass so I did not find that it was better at preventing scratches than 11 pro max at least my experience because the iphone 12 for example was scratched on it and I’m not even sure where it came from that I was very careful with these phones 12 pro max does.

Iphone 12 pro battery-

Bigger iphone bigger battery i.e we get large battery and more battery backup.

It can usually give you a 6-7hrs screen on time.

Battery life is decent and you can use magsafe now it is pretty new thing that we got this year.

It works over the case and magsafe wallets and many more you can check magsafe accessories.

You don’t get an adapter this time as apple said people already have adapters with them, but the problem is to them who are upgrading from iphone 7/8/x they dont have type c-c adapters.

So you should buy a new adapter if you are upgrading from older than 11pro.


You can upgrade to iphone 12pro if you need a larger lens and more improved video stabilisation,bigger battery and big screen.if you don’t care about all these then you can get  an iphone 12/12 mini.

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