Stable gcam for one plus 6T mclaren edition

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One plus 6T mclaren is a powerful flagship launched in 2018.This device is an edition of one plus flagship with mclaren to offer the speed that you  have never expected on a smartphone.

This phone comes with 10 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of rom powered with Snapdragon 845soc.It also comes with optic Amoled display and warp charge 30.

Alright,where comes to camera it has a 16mp+20mp dual camera system with

f-1.7.It shoots a decent photos in daylight and the one plus HDR offers a high dynamic range and detailing.

Gcam for one plus 6T mclaren
This phone doesn’t support all the versions of gcam.It only supports some specific builds.Although this phone has camera 2API of full it only supports some specific builds.
This version supports both HDR+ and HDR+ enhanced.It takes a decent dynamic photos.lets take a look-
Portrait mode works super well in this version.It takes awesome potraits with cool edge detection.lets take a look-
Night sight-
This version supports night sight that every stock camera lacks.even though this phone has night mode in the stock cam it doesn’t work as good as gcam night sight.
Each and every photo looks stunning in night sight mode.
Astrophotography mode-
This is a very interesting and revolutionary feature that gcam had till today.This mode is completely automatic and the only thing you need is a tripod and a nice location with less light pollution.
This version supports astrophotography for one plus 6T mclaren edition.
Each photo takes maximum time of 4minutes to shoot a photo and process it.
We’ve took some 4minute exposures
And a 1minute exposures.lets take a look

The above photo is a 4min exposure.

It looks stunning.

All these photos are unedited.If we edit these in light room or snapseed they look great.

This version doesn’t lag or crash any more
If it crashes or lags u need to follow some steps-
1.Open app info of gcam.
2.Go to storage and cache.
3.Then clear cache data.
4.Restart the phone.
That’s all your gcam is ready for the shot.


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