How to apply for PhonePe loan 2021

How to apply for PhonePe loan 2021

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Applying for a loan in this digital world is so easy nowadays.You can apply for any loan right from your smartphone.This article is about PhonePe loan.If you are searching for the process of applying for a PhonePe loan then you’ve landed on the right page.

Loans are more convenient these days one can easily apply for a loan instantly with low amounts of interest,instead of borrowing from local interest providers.


PhonePe is an Online Transaction(UPI), Recharge and  Bill Payments App.It makes our work easy with one click transactions right to the receiver’s account.It also helps merchants to receive customer  payments directly to their accounts through a QR code.

Does PhonePe provide a loan?

PhonePe doesn’t provide you any loan directly,but the loan we mentioned here is in association with flipkart.You can apply PhonePe loan with the help o Flipkart.

How to get a PhonePe loan right today?

To apply for a PhonePe loan you must have a PhonePe account associated with your bank and a flipkart account with the same mobile number.

Eligibility to get PhonePe loan

Person must be a citizen of India and must be  atleast18 years old and not more than 69years.

You should have  means of earning

Documents Required for PhonePe loan

  • ID Proof (You can provide Aadhar card or PAN card or Passport) 
  • Address Proof ( Aadhar card/PAN card/Passport)

How to Apply for PhonePe loan

Here are the steps to apply PhonePe loan

  • Download the PhonePe application from Play Store or App Store.
  • Register by entering your mobile number.
  • Add your bank account to it.
  • Now you need to download another application i.e Flipkart
  • For Flipkart you have to register with the same mobile number from which you registered in PhonePe.
  • register yourself in the Flipkart pay letter.
  • upload your documents in it.
  • you will get a limit in it.
  • Now open PhonePe.
  •  click on My Money option.
  • You have to take this loan in PhonePe.
  • Now you can use this loan.

PhonePe Loan Amount

You can get Upto 10,000 to 50,000 of Loan amount based on your Cibil score.It’s all based on your Bank account transactions.

Interest Rate for PhonePe Loan

This is the most asked question.The interest rate is Zero percent for 45days.You need to pay the loan amount after 45Days.

Why Only PhonePe loan?

  1. PhonePe Loan is  100% online, you need not to go anywhere offline
  2. PhonePe Loan can  be approved with  least documents
  3. PhonePe Loan is Interest Rate
  4. PhonePe Loan is available all over india
  5. PhonePe Loan gives you a longer term loan.
  6. PhonePe Loan provides instant transfer in to your bank account

Where can we use this PhonePe loan?

You can use this loan for recharges,online purchases and many more..


This article is about How to apply for a PhonePe loan 2021,So read entire process and check your eligibility for PhonePe loan,You can apply for it Right Now.

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