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5/5 - (1 vote) is the world’s largest home automation company.They offer household essentials,consumer electronics and services.This article is about some best smart home products from

Insteon Hub Central Controller

This controller helps you to control your connected devices in your home.You can adjust lighting,temperature and many more through your smartphone and tablet.You’ll get alerts when there is a motion sense,water leak,door opening.

Features of insteon hub central controller

  • The Insteon Hub gives you control over a huge family of connected devices, all from your smartphone and tablet
  • Create customized scenes for instant recalling of your favorite lighting settings
  • Create schedules for individual devices or scenes. Gradually fade lights to 50% to help you wake up or have your kids’ lights automatically turn off after they’ve left for school.
  • Control temperature from an Insteon Thermostat
  • Get instant alerts from sensors for things like motion, water leaks and doors opening

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Insteon Ceiling Fan and Light Control Module

This controller helps you to control ceiling fans and lights through smartphone and tablet.

You can control fans and lights without connecting wired switches,almost compatible with most ceiling fans.

Features of Insteon ceiling fan and light control module

  • Control a ceiling fan and light without running wires for a wall switch
  • Fits inside most ceiling fan canopies
  • High, Medium, Low and Off fan speed control
  • Full dimming control for light kit
  • Control with your voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Insteon Hub Required

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Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat – 5-Pack

Temperature control is more important,so this product helps to control temperature in the home.You can control AC with motion and works with both heat and cool i.e 2 stage system.

Features of Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat – 5-Pack

  • Remote control from your smartphone or tablet – combined with the Insteon Hub you’ll be able to adjust the temperature from across the room or across the world
  • Save energy and money by automating the temperature with Insteon sensors – only turn on the A/C when motion is detected
  • Can be Insteon controller: thermostat can activate other Insteon devices when the temperature reaches specific levels
  • Works with heat/cool systems, including advanced 2-stage systems
  • Works with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for voice control (Insteon Hub required, Alexa device and Google Assistant device each sold separately)

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Insteon Water Leak Sensor

 This sensor alerts you when there is a water leak.This is to be placed on the floor and it alerts you through the controller when there is a water leak.

Features of Insteon Water Leak Sensor

  • Just set on the floor – no screws, no tape, no wires!
  • Use with the Insteon Hub and receive an alert to your smartphone the instant a water leak is detected
  • Simply tap/tap link to lights to be visually alerted
  • Daily “heartbeat” signal allows monitoring systems to ensure leak sensor continues to function and communications are OK
  • Save $1,000’s in undetected water damage (not to mention the hassle)
  • 10+ year battery life (battery included)

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Insteon Plug-in 10-Amp Plug-In Powerline Noise Filter

  • Compatible with Insteon signals
  • Eliminates interference on the power line, so Insteon signals remain strong and clear
  • Prevents Insteon signals from being absorbed by appliance power supplies
  • Unfiltered feed-through outlet won’t block you from plugging in other devices
  • The 10-amp plug-in noise filter is fully ETL approved

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Insteon Button Change Kit for Insteon 8-Button Keypads – Almond

  • Change any 6-button KeypadLinc to an 8-button Keypad
  • Change the color of your keypad to match the decor in your room

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Insteon Open/Close Sensor

This sensor alerts when there is an open and close of a door.

  • Automatically control lights and appliances when doors open and close
  • Wire standard security sensors to Open/Close Sensor to monitor several doors and windows
  • Battery-operated for easy installation
  • Excellent range – up to 150′ from nearest Access Point or any dual-band device
  • Award-winning Insteon technology provides superior performance and reliability

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These are the products from that makes your home even smarter and easier to control.

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