Pixel 4a review,finally a budget phone from google launched in india.Is it worth buying???

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Google launched pixel 4a in india.The retailer of this phone is flipkart.The sale of this phone is confusing as it is not at all shipping many top cities i don’t know what is the issue going on.

most of you out there may be disappointed with the release being pushed back but can wait to wait before pixel 4a becomes good budget for pixel 4 and pixel 4 xl but google has done things a little differently in this they have made reasonable compromises to reduce costs and also made some improvements over their premium counterparts.to make it cheaper than the iphone with oneplus nord now it seems google has a low price for this phone by doing a few things first there is a single  pixel 4a well we usually get a standard choice or xl in this there is only one option this is a standard pixel 4a with a 5.8 inch display they are also protected from donating a different from the ram and keep only one 6 gigs of ddr4 ram with 128 gig storage and finally there is only one pixel of color to choose from and they call this just  black because it is dark that there is only one phone to produce that makes things much easier for them and they can bring you a cheap device , so the pixel 4a weighs only 143 grams when we open the box where we first get the pixel 4a and you can see that it is exactly the same as all the leaks they have been saying next we have a manual and sim tool followed by charger and usb cable -C.

Specs and design-

 On pixel 4a we got a 5.81 inch full display with this punch hole punch hole on the top left full hd and oled display with a resolution of 2340 in 1080 with 24-bit color depth HDR support and 19 and a half -9 which gives us 443 pixels per inch we have the same size  around the phone which I really like and I like more than its premium counterparts but it’s important to know that the chin is much bigger than the forehead but it doesn’t look like a selfie camera on the left is an 8 megapixel f 2.0 is a 1.12 micrometer sensor with fixed focus and 84 degree view field captures 1080p images and allows 1080p in 30 frames per second when taking video.No fingerprint scanner on device and it is because in the background we have scanner retrieval of the finger and to me a welcome return pixel 4a. The camera appears to be the same camera as the pixel 4 and a 12.2 megapixel front camera with f 1.7 aperture and a 77 degree viewing screen with a 1.4 micrometer sensor and a dual pixel phase detection autofocus and just as optical and electronic enhancement can make 4k in 30 frames with a second 1080p 3060 or 120 and 720p in 30 30 or 240 frames.There is a secondary mic.On the right of the device has the power button and the volume rocker at the bottom is just a usb c port mic primary and there is a secondary mic. Of course the speaker holds on the left side with only a sim card holder and no dual sim support here so unfortunately it is one nano sim card although it supports current sim when it comes to Hardware using google pixel 4a we have snapdragon 730g which is not the best chipset but it is still very active anyway or in terms of demanding playback it does well we will cover it in depth soon we get six gig ddr4 ram and that is combined with 128 gig storage however being a pixel offers unlimited google images in high image quality for those who can worry about space all enabled.A 3140 milliamp hour battery with 18 watt fast charging and I found that it can easily save the day and it certainly comes with android 10. So overall the pixel 4a is a decent option for those looking for a cheap phone all around but also taking decent photos in the middle of the range -range lineup this year. 


The first problem with the display is we have gorilla 3 glasses instead of the gorilla 6 glass we see in most flats today is not the latest it still offers the best protection shown in oled it is also bright and clear and fun to use but unlike its premium counterparts it is only 60 hertz and cheap ip standard defaults now manufacturers often add sales to prevent water damage but official ip rates are more expensive in production which means it will be more expensive for consumers so in this case google has left out now.


 The normal use of this phone is good for chipset capable of easily enabling the stock android 10 we get with pixel 4a and another good point you can say is guaranteed at least three years of software update fingerprint locks work well and quickly but one thing what you can say here is that the face unlock  have been removed and we do not even get 2d face recognition options. With pixel 4a full hd and resolution is more than enough to keep things looking like crystal clear whether you are texting, watching media or just browsing in your community and thanks to the six gig rams they are incredibly smooth and able to keep things running behind something I am happy about.but..

when it comes to a cheap chipset like the snapdragon 730 many seem to think.


Incredible camera on pixel 4a.its camera results are as similar to pixel 4 and 4xl.

With the latest 8.1 update it also gets new pixel 5 video stabilisation features too and a completely new camera  UI on the phone.

There are no camera samples we’ll update here soon.


Overall pixel 4a is a great deal to buy but the only retailer we find in india is flipkart.

There is an  issue regarding shipping pixel 4a in flipkart whatever address we enter it is showing no seller ships to this address.

I tried buying three times but it keeps showing the same issue.

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