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Oneplus nord review-In 2014 OnePlus entered the smartphone category with the OnePlus One, and was the most expensive smartphone with flagship specifications. Over the years, they have continued to introduce new smartphones that kill every six months, but they have not been able to keep the same low entry price with the OnePlus One. So the prices of their phones went up with each new phone, until the price of their latest flagship smartphone OnePlus8 Pro reached Rs.60,000. For some time now, they have not had a medium-sized smartphone, and people who are willing to vote in this competition have been asked to pay more than Rs. 35,000 with a OnePlus smartphone. Some manufacturers had their own small donations of 20-30k Rs. price bracket, while OnePlus has nothing to offer you at that price range. To fix this gap, they came up with OnePlusNord. It is a budget smartphone in the middle of the original amount of Rs.27,999. There should be 25K Rs. different from Nord too, but that has never been sold, so I will look at its current price as the starting price .. OnePlus has managed to create the same similarities that Nord have done with OnePlus One. But far more people know about brandnow than 5-6 years ago, so there were a lot of eyeballs eagerly awaiting OnePlus to unveil this new smartphone. When we finally saw it, the design didn’t really appeal to us. We had seen this kind of background, camera module and tablet-cut selfie cameras in some Realm and OPPOsmartphones. Now there is nothing on this phone that comes out and sounds different, but the OnePlus Nord is still able to find its audience. OnePlus has introduced this phone in 2 colors BlueMarble and Gray Onyx, as well as 3 RAM and Variety of Storage,

 The 6 + 64-is not yet available at an expected retail price of up to 25k.

 8 + 128 @ Rs-27,999 / –

12 + 256 @ Rs-29,999 / –


6.44 inch AMOLED display with 2400×1080 pixel resolution, 90 Hz refresh rate, HDR 10+ support, 1000nits high brightness under certain conditions and Gorilla Glass 5 protection. on the left, as well as a fingerprint sensor. I’m sure, by now, you’ve probably heard of the black line and the green tint problem on this phone’s display panel. Yes, it is present in some devices, but it is not that big of a problem because it is characterized by very low light in a very dark place. Even if your device has this problem, you may never encounter it, because it is easier for the cameras to catch this, than for our naked eyes. And you should know, this is not the only phone that shows this. Most other high-resolution AMOLED displays show this, so it’s not a big problem as some people want you to believe.


The 90Hz refresh rate combined with Oxygen OS gives us a very good feeling while using this phone. This is best illustrated by eating content and playing games. The colors are precise and the viewing angles are also very broad with amazing contrast levels. It’s a flat display and it’s not the same as the curve in the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, so you don’t mind any accidental touch or distractions while watching videos. Some people see it as a downside, but I like the flat display, so I like this panel. It’s very bright with outdoor lighting conditions, and the notch doesn’t get in the way as you might think. Certainly some of the notifications are hidden until you drop the shadow of notifications, but get used to this in a few days. All in all, I’m happy to be shown. Fingerprint sensor is also very fast and accurate. I just feel like it’s set too low on the phone.OnePlus didn’t go with the sensor mounted on the side of the fingers we’ve seen on most budget smartphones this year. Speaking of the sides, while they look and shine like stainless steel, the frame is actually made of plastic. While it looks good, it doesn’t feel too good to touch. There is gorilla glass protection on the front and back, but I still prefer to use it with the case, as it can be very addictive, and also protects the back from all fingerprints and smudges. As I said before, the design of this phone is not really new, or something we have never seen before, but holding it in your hands, the OnePlus Nord feels more refined and charged than any other phone that looks like it, especially because of the glass back. I also like the size, as it fits snugly in my hands. It doesn’t get any official IP or water penetration rate, but it has rubber marks all around, including the SIM Tray, to keep water out, so it can withstand very little water light. Since the frame is made of plastic and is flawless, I can’t really say how it will fit in over time, say after 2-3 years, that we will have to wait and see. Now inside, we can see that OnePlus has created some great ways to trade. OnePlus is known for packing in even more recent specs on their smartphones.


Nord comes with a mid range processor Snapdragon 765G, a powerful 5G. Adreno 620 GPU, 6/8 / 12GB RAM. 64/128 / 256GBof Storage and a non-removable 4115 mAh battery. RAM and Storage sounds great, but they use LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 2.1 storage instead of the latest. Even the USB c port below this phone is just usb 2.0. While this does not make a difference to normal everyday users, the performance of heavy and demanding games suffers as a result. I think using the latest features can make the phone a future proof. But again it is sub 30K Rs. a smartphone, so I won’t burn them too much with it. Even with these insiders, the overall performance of the OnePlus Nord is excellent. I mean the insiders are not really bad, but they are not the fastest and latest we are used to seeing


Camera is incredible and portraits look pretty can install for better camera performance.

Colors look natural and edge detection is perfect.

video-you can shoot 4k@30fps.

with you can shoot 4k@60fps too and HDR images.

separate article of on our blog


Overall nord is value for is the best choice under 30k segment.With decent camera,amazing display,powerful battery it is best deal to buy.

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