Nikita: NGCam_7.4.104-v1.8-fix.apk

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By Nikita.




Based on: B-S-G and Arnova8G2 GCam 7.4.104

• Crash fixed on redmi note 8/9 series.

• Added in-app dotfix postprocessing for non-root OP5/5T (Thanks Urnyx05 and Marco)
• Added Color filter arrangement (Thanks Arnova8G2)
• Added Manual Black Level control (Thanks Arnova8G2)
• Added more noise models from UltraCVM GCam (Thanks UltraM8)
• Added separated Noise Modeler toggles for Main, Front and AUX
• Added more exposure time values (32s, 16s, 8s, 4s and 1/4s)
• Added Exposure Time settings for AUX
• Added exposure fixes for Redmi Note 8 Pro and code optimizations (Thanks Wyroczen)
• Added maximum zoom level (Thanks cstark)
• Added Shasta factor
• Added PseudoCT toggle for AWB
• Added Mi10 Ultra AWB (Thanks Savitar)
• Added LG G7 AWB
• Added toggle for Astro 1s/8s
• New xml configs selection menu with dark theme support (Thanks Arnova8G2)
• Fixed some things for OnePlus Nord
• Fixed crashes on some devices
• Reorganized settings
• Small changes and improvements

• Now it would be easier to access Lib Patcher with reorganized settings
• Color filter arrangement should fix sabre on samsung camera sensors (not only Sony IMX). Use it with black level to avoid color issues
• Black Level options should fix pink tint on some devices. It is also separated for each mode. The suggested value is 64
• Separated Noise Modeler is useful if you only face with problems on AUX camera
• You should review NoiseModeler for your XMLs if you used it previously. The bug in arrays has been founded, so almost every model is different now
• For Shasta factor values: higher the value, higher will be the quality of astrophotography
• PseudoCT toggle helps to manage AWB. It may improve color temperature
• In-app Dotfix toggle for OP5/5T should be enabled ONLY without root (Magisk module). It uses postprocessing made by Urnyx05
• Recommendations for OP5/5T without root: Enable Sabre on Main/Front/Aux, Enable Dotfix toggle, Disable Blackspot toggle (Do NOT do this with Magisk module). If you see pink stripes on front, Enable Pixel Binning toggle (Settings>Advanced>Experimental)

Support and links:

OnePlus 5/5T Dotfix:



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