Gcam astrophotography on Motorola one fusion plus

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Motorola launched its moto one fusion plus on 24th june 2020.

Checkout the first impressions and full review on our blog.

Motorola one fusion plus is a midrange smartphone with some exciting features.As this phone belongs to moto one family it should be under android one program,but it is not under android one program.

Motorola promised 2years of security updates and 1 major upgrade i.e to android 11.Motorola also confirmed that these updates are minimum and they continue to work for future updates.

Gcam for Motorola one fusion plus

Recently we’ve posted an article regarding working gcam for Motorola one fusion plus with astrophotography.

Gcam astrophotography on Motorola one fusion plus-

Astrophotography is an innovation from google which is launched with pixel 4 and all other pixel phones got this update.

With gcam we can shoot astrophotography but..it only supports on some specific phones with higher processor(above Snapdragon-670).This gcam supports astrophotography,we can shoot upto a maximum exposure of 9mins and 30seconds.

To shoot astrophotography in gcam on Motorola one fusion plus all you need is-

  • A perfect spot with clear sky
  • Tripod or a stand(you can even take a support of a rock or..)
  • Bluetooth shutter or headphones
  • Place the phone on tripod or any other support (make sure phone is stable)
  • Then open gcam and go-to settings and enable HDR control
  • Set HDR frames to 12 or above
  • Turn lib patcher off because it is crashing the exposure sometimes

Save the above settings and open gcam and then switch to night mode.

Now your phone is ready to shoot astrophotography.

Turn on the astrophotography mode.

There is a timer from min-max.

  • Min shoots-1min-3min
  • Maximum shoots-6min-9min

Set only one timer do not change exposure settings from shot to shot because it doesn’t work.

If you want to change exposure then choose your exposure and then clear cache of gcam and restart the device.

Even if your gcam lags clear cache of gcam and restart your device.

Here are some samples of astrophotography-

6min40sec exposure
1min40sec exposure

4min exposure

You can edit these photos in snapseed or light room

**You can choose a different location (like fields,ground…)for better results

Astrophotography is amazing thanks to google for introducing it and a special thanks for gcam developers for making it available through gcam for non pixel devices.

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