5 best features of gcam.

5 Best features of gcam

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Gcam is a google camera application which is exclusive for pixel devices.

Pixel smartphones are best in still photography and many more.We cannot enjoy gcam officially but can install gcam apk and enjoy all its benefits.This article is about 5 best features of gcam.

Many smartphones these days launch with pre enabled camera2api which allows the use of secondary camera apps like gcam.

There are many versions of gcam available based on device configurations.

5 Best features of gcam(google camera)

Here are the 5 best features of gcam.


HDR is high dynamic range image shooting capabilities.With gcam you can shoot 2 types of HDR,one is HDR+ and the other is HDR+ enhanced.

Usually HDR+ improves color,white balance of the picture by shooting multiple images and combining to deliver a stunning image.

where as HDR+ enhanced also follows the same procedure but you can select custom frames here like 12,24,36 and many.It is recommended to use HDR+ enhanced for moving objects and while shooting pets.

Video stabilization

Stabilization is the most important factor while shooting videos with our unstable hands.In previous versions of gcam there are OIS and EIS options.Recently with version 8 google introduced 3 stabilization modes-

Locked,Active,Cinematic pan.

Ultimate low light photography

Nightsight in gcam helps us a lot in low light photography.Nightsight was introduced with gcam version 6 and improved a lot from version 7.

Gcam nightsight made users forget about flashlights while shooting low light photos.

Portrait nightsight is also introduced with gcam version 8.

Auto white balance

White balance-which is google AWB in gcam.Auto white balance is the main feature which helps in managing colour contrast,dynamic range,exposure and skin tone.

Gcam AWB is the best white balance ever on a smartphone.

This option can be enabled in settings or in a view finder.


Astrophotography is a feature that helps to shoot stars,constellations and even galaxies.Gcam astrophotography is completely automatic,just place your phone steady it takes some minutes to capture stars,wait for the results it looks stunning.

Google introduced astrophotography with version 7 and improved it a lot.

These are the 5 best features of gcam.There are also other features like time lapse,photosphere,slow motion.

Astrophotography Time lapse

Flower blossoms,sun rise,sun rise time lapse are used to shoot these types of scenes.Many photographers capture milky way time lapse,astrophotography time lapse and many…

Soon google is going to launch the astro time lapse to their pixel devices with version 8.2.We can expect this in gcam too.

This feature may be launched this month.

So install gcam on your devices and enjoy all these features.

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