Best gcam for redmi note 7 pro(2021)

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Redmi note 7 pro launched back in 2019 with some decent mid range specs it is still a good choice in 2021.This article is about the best gcam for redmi note 7 pro.

Gcam is the default camera application for pixel devices,pixel smartphones are the best camera smartphones.Many developers port gcams for specific devices we can install them and enjoy image quality like pixel devices(thanks to developers).

Camera2api level of redmi note 7 pro-Level 3

Best gcam for redmi note 7 pro (2021)

You can install gcam in redmi note 7 pro and enjoy stunning image quality.

The gcam provided in this article is version 8 of gcam developed by nikita.

There are lot of changes from version 7 of gcam to version 8,here are some changes listed-

  • New interface(View finder)
  • Video stabilization(locked,active,cinematic pan)
  • Automatic night sight
  • Audio zoom
  • Portrait night sight

HDR+ and HDR+ enhanced in gcam 8

As gcam 8 is ported from pixel 5 there are lots of changes in HDR images.

There is no neura core in pixel 5 processor so all image processing is done by the device processor itself,so it mostly improves performance and reduces processing time.

HDR+ enhanced is used mostly for moving objects and portraits.

Night sight and astrophotography

Gcam night sight is best to capture in low light environments and many stock cameras lack it.

Astrophotography is such an amazing feature introduced by google

It captures stars and constellations by using minutes of exposure.

You should definitely try astrophotography.

Video and stabilizations-

Now you can record 4k@60fps and 30fps.There are new stabilization modes-

Standard-great for everyday shots

Locked-keeps camera locked onto your scene like a tripod

Active-smooth and suitable for action shots

Cinematic pan-slows down panning movements,professional shots.

How to install gcam on redmi note 7 pro-

  • Download the gcam through link provided in this article
  • Enable install from unknown sources
  • If you have already gcam installed on your redmi note 7 pro uninstall it by clearing storage and cache of gcam.
  • Install the latest downloaded gcam
  • Enable all the settings and customise as per your convenience

All the new features that are added in this gcam are working perfectly with redmi note 7 pro.

Download-Best gcam for redmi note 7 pro(2021)

Click here to download

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