Google pixel 8 pro is amazing

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Google pixel 8 pro is amazing

Google pixel 8 pro launch video surfaced online which showcased all the pixel 8 pro features.Google launching pixel 8 and 8 pro on october 4 2023.There are tons of improvements in pixel new series this year.

All new Design

Pixel 8 pro comes with an amazing design which almost looks like its younger pixel 7 pro.The display is somewhat flat and looks stunning.

It may launch with 120hz refresh rate and Quad HD+ resolution

Revolutionary AI Features in Camera

As we all know pixel has great cameras.This time with 8 pro they are bringing lot more features to pixels camera.

  • All new UI
  • Nightsight for video
  • New video stabilization
  • Noise reduction for video(which can be customized in Photos app)
  • The face Selection 
  • Adjust focus like DSLR
  • Adjust subject after a click

The New Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google pixel 8 pro is amazing

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