MWP: MWP_V12.1_GoogleCamera_8.1.101.apk

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Based on work from Arnova8G2 and BSG (@BSG_googlecamera). Shared with me by Tigr. Big thanks to them.

Tested on the Pixel 2 XL running Android 11.

Changes v12.1:

1. Re-added custom lib menu
– Stock Google (8.1.101)
– Stock Google (8.1.200)
– R1_01v2.24(r0m10) unstable for Portrait (people object)
– MWP xHDR v2
2. Added Exposure compensation
3. Added “Macro” (nearest focus distance) toggle on Night sight mode. Thanks Wichaya
4. Added Shasta factor (experimental)

Changes v12:

1. Added Shutterspeed Control (depends of light condition)
2. Added Noise model on Libpatcher menu ( Thanks marlin-ku )
3. Override astro toggle from “Auto” to “Always ON” (Thanks Arnova)
4. Removed custom lib menu (now default used is stock lib)

Changes v11:

Unlocked stock features:

1. Enable Learned depth for better Portrait shot
2. Enable video stabilization UI ( optimized for p2 )
3. Enable auto portrait Night Sight ( thanks to Wichaya)
4. Enable focus tracking
5. Enable HDRe for Portrait ( not working if auto NS used )
6. Enable Astrophotography
7. Enable super res zoom ( activated by default )

Mod features:

1. Add Libpatcher menu ( Thanks marlin-ku )
2. Add 4 Custom lib:
– Stock google lib 8.1.011, 8.1.101, 8.1.200, and R1_01v1.9sh ( by r0m10 )
3. Add HDRe frames selection
4. Add Custom AWB
5. Add video bitrate selection


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