The OnePlus 9 phones will come with 2 years of warranty

CEO Pete Lau announced that the OnePlus 9 series will come with a two year warranty, instead of the industry standard 1 year. Some regions (e.g. the European Union) already have 2 year warranties for all electronics, but most of the world does not.

The company looked at surveys and found that flagship buyers keep their phone for around two years before upgrading. This move will give buyers a piece of mind that any hardware defects will be handled without extra costs.

The OnePlus 9 series will enjoy 2 years of warranty

As for software, a few years ago OnePlus committed to 2 years of OS updates and an extra year of security patches. This means that the OnePlus 9 series will have full support until 2023.

The OnePlus 9 series will be unveiled on March 23 and it will ship with a Warp charger in the box.

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