Samsung announces ISOCELL 2.0 with improved light gathering abilities

Samsung introduced the ISOCELL line of image sensors in 2013, which featured barriers surrounding each pixels to reduce color crosstalk (light for one pixel bleeding into its neighbors). The original design used metal for these walls that absorbed some of the incoming light.

This was partially addressed with ISOCELL Plus by switching to a new material. But that still contained some metal, so it didn’t fully solve the issue. Today Samsung is offering a peek at the next phase of its image sensor technology.

ISOCELL 2.0 replaces the lower part of the walls with a more reflective material. Watch the video below for a concise illustration of the relevant components. Version 2.0 also “drastically” improves light sensitivity and further reduces optical loss for each pixel compared to previous generations.

This will allow image sensors to pack more pixels on the same surface area but still be able to capture more light. Samsung teased a 200 MP sensor in January and is working towards 600 MP sensors, which would benefit from the improved performance of small pixels.

However, today’s reveal is just a preview of what’s coming – Samsung did not announce any sensors using the new ISOCELL 2.0.

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