Samsung will unveil three Exynos chipsets this year, claims leakster

Leakster Ice Universe reports that Samsung will unveil three Exynos chipsets this year – a mid-range 800-series chip, a high-end 1200-series and a flagship 2200-series. The latter two should feature GPUs based on AMD’s RDNA architecture.

According to an earlier tweet from the leakster, Samsung will demo the GPU – just the GPU – in June, with the full chipsets being unveiled at a later date. The first phones with AMD GPUs may not arrive until next year, but there’s no official time line for any of this yet.

You’re probably thinking that these Exynos/AMD chipsets will power smartphones (and they probably will), but Samsung may be working on a Windows 10 laptop as well. According to ZDNet Korea a laptop with the Exynos 2200 will be unveiled in Q3, some time after the Galaxy Note launch. Previous Windows-on-ARM laptops from Samsung have used Qualcomm chipsets.

The third chipset, the mid-range one, may have been spotted yesterday. Galaxy Club reports that a chip with model number S5E5515 is in the works. This will most likely be a successor to the Exynos 850 (S5E3830) but little else is known about it.


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