Samsung is indeed working on a Wear OS smartwatch, new evidence suggest

A couple of weeks ago, a renowned Samsung tipster said that Samsung is working on a Wear OS-powered smartwatch and will be ditching Tizen OS. And while we can’t say that the latter is for sure, the former seems to be further backed by stronger evidence.

In a Galaxy S20 kernel source code teardown, an XDA developer found that there’s a device codenamed “Merlot” and it’s associated with Google’s Wear OS. The device has been mentioned even alongside the already released Galaxy Watch3 with code name “Noblesse”.

As of now, information is pretty scarce, but we hope to see some more evidence soon to paint a fuller picture. We are mostly curios whether Samsung will transition to Wear OS or it will develop smart wearables with Google’s OS alongside its Tizen OS portfolio.


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