Samsung Galaxy S21 goes through the ultimate 12-day underwater test

We thought the days of phones being submerged into water on YouTube are way behind us as the IP68 rating has become a standard feature for all flagship devices. However, the channel Photo Owl Time Lapse has taken things to another level by leaving a perfectly working Samsung Galaxy S21 inside a water tank for 12 days.

What’s more, the video was streamed on YouTube and the experiment is almost over at the time of writing this article. There are three updates in the video’s description saying that the moisture detection feature has turned on and the screen started misbehaving for a while. The moisture warning is still there but the screen started functioning again. The speakers seem to have taken the biggest hit since they are not functioning properly anymore.

However, given the duration of the test and the fact that the phone is submerged into 50cm, the handset is doing a really good of preserving itself. That’s 12 days under water while the IP68 rating is for 1.5m depth for only 30 minutes. Let that sink in…

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